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Today Ziwam safaris will take you to Lewa conservancy, Kenya.Lewa conservancy has a huge variety of wildlife with 114 species of mammals. There are roughly equal numbers of black and white rhino at the latest count 70 black and 56 white. The world’s largest concentration of endangered Grevy Zebra resides on Lewa as well as elephant, buffalo, greater kudu, oryx, Lion , leopard and cheetah amongst other species of mammals. Being at Lewa gives you an advantage of being surrounded by game viewing opportunities without crowds. Also in Lewa you will get a rare opportunity to spot Leopard; Leopards are part of cat family ,Felidae and their scientific name Panthers pardus. They are mostly nocturnal – Hunt their prey at night. Leopards are carnivores but not picky eaters. They will prey on any animal that comes across their path such as Thomson gazelles, cheetah Cubs, baboons, Rodents, monkeys , snakes, larger birds, Amphibians, antelopes,snakes and porcupines. They are good swimmers .

Leave Nairobi


– Hotel pick-up and drop off
– Bottled water
– Transport by private vehicle
– Private tour guide


– Drinks (including tea) and Bar Bill (beverage)
– Helicopter evacuation/rescue incase of emergency
– Personal insurance
– Tipping to guide and porter
– Donation to the local people