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Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Millennia-old monuments sit along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza’s colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx as well as Luxor’s hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs

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Day 1

Transfer to Luxor in the M/s Salacia ship and briefing about the trip.

Day 2

Visit the valley of the and discover the tombs of the pharaoh 1 and 2. Then visit the Temple of Hatshepsut and memnon colossi on your way to the ship.

Day 3

Visit Edfu , Horus temple and kom ombo temple. After breakfast you will be transferred to the Edfu temple one of the best preserved temple in a horse carriage. Then you will visit the magnificent built Horus Temple. After lunch, visit kom ombo temple located directly at ship anchoring area. In the temple, you will find mummified crocodiles.

Day 4

Aswan unfinished obelisk, Aswan High Dam, philae Temple and Botanical Garden. The unfinished obelisk , a UNESCO Heritage,if completed, would be the highest statue . Aswan High Dam the largest man made lake which accounts for 10% Electricity Generation in Egypt. With a motor boat ( felluca) , visit Philae temple , the temple of goddess Isis which is on an isolated island. After lunch visit Aswan Botanical Garden which consist of exotic flowers , trees and other plant. Then with felluca, visit the Nubian community and learn about their culture and coffee. In the evening be entertained in a Nubian show after dinner.

Day 5

After breakfast , travel to Abu Simbel temple, the rock tomb and in the evening enjoy a Nubian show after the dinner

Day 6

Visit Esna temple after breakfast. Esna Temple was dedicated to god khenoum,god of creation. Relax in the ship in the afternoon as you sail to luxor. In the evening you will be entertained be the Nubian show after dinner

Day 7

Karnak and luxor Temple After breakfast, you will go to Karnak Temple. Karnak Temple is the largest religious building that was ever made. Then visit the well illuminated luxor Temple in Luxor.

Day 8

Spent the whole day shopping and interacting with the Egyptian as you embark on the route to cairo.

Day 9

Visit Dendera , Beni Hassan and Abydos Temple. After Brea breakfast, travel to dendera temple in a bus.Dendera temple was dedicated to goddess Hathor , who personified the principle of joy, feminine love a d motherhood. Then you will visit Abydos Temple, the only temple with the traces of the original colors and decorations. Then with a luxurious bus you will visit Beni Hassan Temple

Day 10

After breakfast you will visit Tuna al- Gebel, Tell el-Amama, Hermopolis magna and the Royal Tomb. You will have Lunch at the ship and a relaxing evening at the boat. In the evening you have an evening walk to interact with the Egyptian locals after dinner.

Day 11

After breakfast, you will do a Day tour to the old cairo, the ancient Hanging church, citadel( Mohammed Ali mosque) and Alabaster mosque.

Day 12

Memphis and sakkara pyramid

Day 13

Giza pyramid and Egyptian National museum

Day 14


After breakfast you will be transferred from ms salacia ship to Cairo international Airport.

Day X

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