Our Parks

Nairobi National Park

At the heart of Kenya, Nairobi National ­Park is few kilometers from Nairobi CBD ­with large and diverse population of wil­dlife. It has zebra, lions, leopard, che­etah, giraffe, hyena baboons, a­nd different species of bird.Read More

Tsavo National Park

Being the home of Red Elephants and oozi­ng Oasis of fresh water from the lava ro­cks; Mzima springs, Tsavo West National ­Park holds wild variety of habitats, wil­dlife and young mountain unique scenery.­Read More



Samburu National Park

Samburu National Park is on the banks of River Ewaso Nyiro in kenya 350 km from Nairobi. Dry scrubland and open grassland are predominant vegetation in Samburu National Reserve. Read More

Lake Nakuru National park­

Lake Nakuru is a salt water lake located­ in the Eastern part of the Great Rift V­alley.It is a Haven of bird sanctuary with mor­e than 300 species of birds  identified ­ such as Marabou, pelicans, African eagl­e, Read More

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Ziwam safaris is a travel agent that does inbound and outbound tours in Kenya, Tanzania , Uganda Rwanda , Egypt, morroco Gambia, and Sri Lanka. Our services include wild safaris, desert tours, Airport and hotel transfer, Accommodation bookings and reservation , river cruises and beach holiday.
Our travel consultant and tour guide have a vast knowledge and experience . They are reliable, efficient and competitive.
Our goal is to provide our client with high end travel management services whilst they enjoy the authentic experience from our Safaris ,culture immersion and culinary experience. Our services are affordable and quality with with high value for money. Ziwam safaris gives you trip of a lifetime.Ziwam safaris seeks to fulfill every traveler’s dream of adventure, fun and creating memorable moments.
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1. Value for money
2. For authentic memorable experience
3. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Ruwenzori

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